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Aug 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2008
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    1. thewildjoker

      I just wanted to introduce myself...

      I am Allen Resha and I am involved in many business ventures. I do some web design myself, but have a quality provider for outsourcing. This is to include web design, graphic design, etc. I know that I am knew to the forum but would like to reach out and build a working relationship. I am dependable, customer satisfaction driven, and I only work with ethical people/businesses. I am currently helping my outsourcing partner get more jobs. Some things I will do myself, as I am learning and enjoy web design/graphic design, but I also will not do things that I do not understand or will take a long time to deliver. I have a portfolio information for my outsourcing partner and good communication with them. Please contact me so that we can work together to achieve common goals.

      Skype: ceo.thewildjoker
      Email: allenresha@thewildjoker.info
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