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Jun 5, 2023 at 3:25 PM
Mar 3, 2004
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Sep 1, 1975 (Age: 47)
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San Diego, California


@infoplus4all PayPal doesn’t allow selling things with a personal account. The restriction is from PayPal, not us.… https://t.co/rOXgvJTi4U
May 2, 2023
RT @IO_Labs_: *Extremely* elevated force clicking of @Awin_US affiliate links since June. Have seen the bId cookie being programmatically s…
Oct 19, 2022
@larscallary @jonathanvolk @JoshLeibner @jspeiser Ya, really was the wild west so to speak back then. Now it's an… https://t.co/Sxw41hqaKx
Jul 12, 2022
@jonathanvolk @larscallary @JoshLeibner @jspeiser Whole thing was so bizarre that it's difficult to keep track of a… https://t.co/OKZaKyIv6K
Jul 12, 2022
@JoshLeibner @jonathanvolk @larscallary @jspeiser Built a search engine in 2013 that was able to show that I actual… https://t.co/EVr7JSUfjW
Jul 12, 2022


Overlord of no one, Male, 47, from San Diego, California


testing something Feb 19, 2015

Last seen:
Jun 5, 2023 at 3:25 PM
    1. StaSen
      hello, friends, I present to your attention a new crypto exchange http://coinbap.com in honor of the opening, we give you a gift for registration in the amount of $ 300, and IF YOU BRING A FRIEND, YOU WILL GET ANOTHER $ 300, HAVE TIME TO PICK UP THE GIFTS USING THE PROMO CODE PODOROK300 TO DO THIS, WRITE TO THE PROMO CODE IN THE PODAROK300 SUPPORT CHAT DO NOT MISS YOUR CHANCE
    2. WebsitePlex
      Hi, How would I edit the title of a post in buy/sell. Im only allowed to edit the content, not the original title and when I try to list a new post after waiting a month it directs me to the cancelled post.
    3. PropellerAds
      We require your advice and assistance as we are about to change our name and logo, so we were wondering whether we can amend existing account or do we need to create a new account from scratch with brand new information
      Let me know
      Thank you
      1. zak yusif
        zak yusif
        the website is great and amazing
        should incase any changes is done is the logo should be changed instead of the name
        Dec 5, 2022
      2. qaiscoin
      3. Rami1a
        Feb 27, 2023
    4. nasskobar
    5. Manoj_Online
      One of my friends (He was a regular user) unable to sign in to digital point for the last some days. Facebook login was not working, he forgot about the two-factor authentication channel also. May I know how can I retrieve his account access? I think this is his username, @anzilone
    6. Armorica
      I have a premium membership that allows me to bump my threads once a week. But my posts were deleted and I've received warnings for it. Can you help me to resolve this issue?
      Best regards
    7. SycamorePond
      Hello DP. How can I delete posts or edit posts?
    8. Zirkon Kalti
      Zirkon Kalti
      Sir, can you delete my account Zirkon Kalti along with all the threads and posts I have made on Digital Point forum?
    9. wco
      Not interested in writing back, Private?

      I understand you may be busy sipping martinis today on the islands of Bicol.
    10. wco
      Hi there boss. I tried to PM you but its not possible. What is going on with the Content section - what happened and what will it take to breath some life back into it?
      1. c4cyber likes this.
      2. c4cyber
        I agree with you but I don't think it is going to change. There is no moderation here. I have been stalked and harassed by two DP members here who have a huge post count, so obviously they have the right to do anything they want. I'm branching out at other platforms. So far, those 'freelance' platforms are better. No harassment, and no scam so far.
        Jun 12, 2019
    11. bobo1
      Hello Digitalpoint,

      I am a premium member yet i cannot add an item in the marketplace, always comes up with a server error message

      What Should I do, or am I doing wrong?

      Please rectify

      1. Pvf
        I have the same problem!
        Feb 24, 2019
    12. Maromar
    13. Abraham Cherian
      Abraham Cherian
      Hello digitalpoint, I got the premium membership yesterday. When will I be able to setup the signature and get the perks of your Premium Membership? Thank you!
      1. wco likes this.
      2. c4cyber
        If you get 3 likes, you can set signature and you don't need a premium account for this. If you need it urgently, let me know, i will set your signature as mine( for FREE) till your problem solved or get 3 likes.
        Jun 12, 2019
    14. Abraham Cherian
      Abraham Cherian
      Hi Digitalpoint, I'd like to know how to best use the premium membership! Do you have any tips or article on this? Thank you.
    15. iPod
      Hey Shawn. Long time ol friend
    16. diggs11
      Hello DP Team, i would like to ask you one question how can i send feedback i will be very grateful to hear from you. Thanks in advance. Best regards.
      1. Rila Studios
        Rila Studios
        HELLO ADMIN, why is my PAID ad NOT SHOWING!!!
        Sep 17, 2018
    17. jowel
      Hello, how can I make my signature active ? Im a premium member long time.
    18. TopForum.Ir
      When I joined DP, you were 36. Time...
    19. smaluioa
      Paypal Transaction ID: 3S968002HE7197747 .in my profile its not showing premium member.
    20. martinglover
      Hi there,

      I no longer need my dp account. Are you able to delete it for me please?
      1. c4cyber
        Same here. I also want to delete my account but it seems they don't have this feature.
        Jun 12, 2019
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    Sep 1, 1975 (Age: 47)
    Home Page:
    San Diego, California
    Snowboarding, frisbee golf
    I'm a boy



    If you contact me privately for support, I'll direct you to the correct support forum. Save time and go there first. :)
    Ingress Intel
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