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Karen May Jones
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Nov 5, 2022
Dec 18, 2006
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May 30
Lexington Kentucky
Will do ANY virtual job for BEST PRICE via PAYPAL!


Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary https://t.co/zgWSoNlbgm
Jan 23, 2023 at 11:52 AM
Driving along a country road, I ignored a Bridge Out sign and continued on. A few miles down I had to stop: The roa… https://t.co/PtpydSnxWb
Jan 19, 2023
This should have been looked at and replanned in a matter of moments. Before hiring a team and writing tweets and p… https://t.co/KRzJFdKTPK
Jan 14, 2023
@PhilippineStar Lovely gal. I didn't get to see her talk, walk, or do any talent, but she is definitely a cutie. It… https://t.co/tg5TeMlPtd
Jan 14, 2023
@MFrederickM use a green screen . come on :(
Jan 13, 2023

Karen May Jones

Prominent Member, from Lexington Kentucky

away from home for a while... hope to be back soon. May 30, 2019

Last seen:
Nov 5, 2022
    1. Karen May Jones
      Karen May Jones
      I visited the site but did not see a link anywhere to a forum. You'll have to update me as this comes available. Hope you're having an awesome spring day!! :)
    2. bettybakebake
      Hi saw your message about forum posting. I have just bought a forum dnextra.com which is a blog post but my internet, some port at the main subsection is bad, so have been intermitant since saturday morning. anyway i would love to trade posts and comments. I am native english speaker and live in colorado, usa.
      I am also interersted in the paragraph writing. So let me know what subjects. I am trying to keep my domain purchases paid for from monies earned instead of my checking account. lol.
    3. Qryztufre
      Have not heard from you in ages... good to know you are still alive!
    4. the Patrician
      the Patrician
      Hi there! *waves back*
    5. workathomeshop
      Thanks !
      The car is my brother inlaws and the outfit was for christmas celebrations (the whole family dressed up, was a fantastic day
    6. CourageTheCowardlyDog
      Nice meeting you, Karen - and yes, I too love CTCD :)

      See ya around ;).
    7. CourageTheCowardlyDog
      Lol, its okay (Karen is it?)

    8. alesuke
      hi karen, pls email me for the job alevolutions@gmail.com
      we'll communicate there, i can't send u a message in this forum. my inbox is cranky
    9. the Patrician
      the Patrician
      Good day, JoyGoRound,
      Been busy lately but realized I hadn't been over to shout a "Howdy" at you so figured I ought to rectify that!
      Hope all is well with you.
      Take care and I will sneak upon your Profile page again real soon.
    10. JoebeeKenobi
      As you may know, links from one website to another can help to push up your ranking with google and other search engines. Because it is easy for one person to setup many sites on a single server and potentially link them together, Google and other search engines devalue links that are found to be from sites hosted on the same server or C class IP.

      'C class' is basically servers that appear to be in the same server network. So often one hosting company will have only a single 'C class' as they are give a block of IP addresses for their servers.

      So, for best benefit of linking and if you have several sites you wish to link together, you are best to host each site with completely different web hosting companies and ensure the IP addresses have different C classes. The C class relates to the 3rd group of digits in the IP address:- and are in the same C-class but different servers and is in two different C-classes

      Hope that helps.
      1. Karen May Jones likes this.
    11. theo-zzzz
      I'm missing the English grammar lessons ;)
    12. theo-zzzz
      I do, thanks..
      I'm glad you're no longer mad at me..
    13. theo-zzzz

      How are you doing?

    14. Karen May Jones
      Karen May Jones
      HIRE ME! (send pm)
      KY Juice // FUN SITE // webmastard // MONEY HEALTH BLOG
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    May 30
    Lexington Kentucky
    Will do ANY virtual job for BEST PRICE via PAYPAL!
    I'm tired
    :cool: Google, :oops: Adwords, :rolleyes: Adsense, :confused: Webmaster Tools, :mad: PayPal, :eek: Forum, :) Page Rank, :( Webmaster Forum Digital Point:rolleyes:


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