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    1. learnwebsitedesigncom
    2. Miko Jernay
      Miko Jernay
      Did you review my Private Message? Reply back.
    3. Maine McDoogle
      Maine McDoogle
      Hi learningwesitedesigncom,

      How are you?

      My name is Mel. I have been a successful webmaster in the United States for 7years. I have a valid PR6 site that I am offering homepage links for any niche except gambling, porn or pharmacy. Here are the requirements to qualify for this link exchange:

      *Looking for sites with a min of PR2+ only

      *Must be valid PR

      I will give you
      1 PR6 homepage link if your site linking to me is PR5
      1 PR5 subpage link if your site linking to me is PR4
      1 PR5 subpage link if you link 3 sites to 1 of your PR3
      1 PR5 subpage link if you link 3 sites to 3 of your PR2

      Here is where i can place your backlinks:
      www.workathomejobsideas.com PR6
      www.workathomejobsideas.com/links.php PR5

      Send me the list of your sites that you can offer me backlinks from and contact me by email not pm.

      I would appreciate your early reply in advance.


      Mel McDoogle
    4. getbestproduct
      We are looking for good link partners for our website: http://www.augesoft.com
      I was wondering if we can have a link exchange with your website.
      I can move your software on the topshare section of our site.
      Here are my site details:

      Title: Augesoft
      Link: http://www.augesoft.com
      Description:Free software download,The biggest software directory for freeware and shareware download at augesoft.com.
      1. Shiren Massy
        Shiren Massy
        Would you be interested in exchage if yes. PM me.
        Jun 12, 2015
    5. Letcha
      I apologize. As I've said before, I'm not on DP every day. This past week I was at PubCon (internet marketing conference) all week. For the foreseeable future I will have regular access to the web, so I should see any future messages you send within 1-2 days, if you're still interested. I have purchased MANY links on here in the past and had zero issues, but over the past 2 months or so I've just been overwhelmingly busy and traveling a lot. I apologize again for any inconvenience.
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