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Jun 8, 2018
Oct 16, 2006
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Guest, from One Sec. Someone online is wrong.

Get in where you fit in Jul 19, 2013

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Jun 8, 2018
    1. hmansfield
      Get in where you fit in
    2. Roels Webdesign
      Roels Webdesign
      Do you sell older telecom related domains (PR3+)?


    3. lapidus
      I was talk with my hosting company and there server workers told me that i must pay 50$ to my PHP can be upgraded to the latest version.
      I was looking for everywhere how to do that by myself but no results. Please if you agree that i must upgrade my PHP to see images in my post,can you give me a guide how to upgrade from 5.1.6 to the latest version of PHP via SSH or any other method?

      One more thing: Before 4 days pictures was work fine and no problem with that,now is just disappeared and i am totally confused.

      Sorry if i am boring, i need your help Thanks
    4. lapidus

      Like first i want to say that you know good things on this forum,because of that i was must contact you.
      I have a problem with images which not appear in my post on front page and on second page: http://homestartpage.net/

      I am using PHP version 5.16 and i can't install latest version of Wordpress because i have PHP version 5.1.6.

      Right now i use Wordpress version 3.1 and i can't upgrade to 3.3.1 because my Wordpress will be crashed. Can you tell me why i can't see pictures on my front page and second page? Do you think that i must upgrade to latest version of PHP to see that images?
    5. Eminatorz
      Hi hmansfield :)

      I've seen some of your posts, I thought you have a good skill about wordpress.
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