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Nov 1, 2018
Nov 5, 2012
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Active Member, from Carmel, IN, US

Affiliate Manager
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Nov 1, 2018
    1. Harkunwar
      My site rabidshare.info is not being approved. It's a normal tech blog getting almost 400 Page views daily
    2. hitzgh
      can you please help me to recieve my money
    3. Pedro Lucas
      Pedro Lucas
      Hello, okay?
      I wonder if you can activate my account.
      My site: www.baixarcdsgratis.info
      My email on file: pedrovisk93@gmail.com
    4. havilove
    5. qbcsearch
      Hi, my email is webmaster@edulands.com . we apply a publisher account , please check and approve it ,thanks
    6. jomymorris
      my ecpm still remanis low even after 10 days of revenue optimization. My adversal email id is kochumonmorris@gmail.com
    7. Aadhi
      Hi Kyle, Second time i have submitted my application with Adversal. I am very eager to work with adversal. Please review my application. email is aptibook@gmail.com.
      Waiting for a positive reply at second time :)

      Thank you for your time. Greetings
    8. files2k
      Hello, my email is sflorian2013@gmail.com . Please check my application
      1. Adversal.com
        You should be receiving a follow-up shortly.
        Sep 11, 2013
    9. TAugustus
      Kyle, I have submitted my application for review and am excited to start working with adversal i average 90000 page views per month and last month visits ended at 36,000. Can you please check on my application so i can start testing. My user name is swapmadness1 and my email is swapmadness1@gmail.com.
      1. Adversal.com
        You should be receiving an email shortly.
        Sep 2, 2013
    10. TStarnes
      Kyle, I just submitted an application am looking to get testing up soon. My user id is tstarnes if you could check my app. Thanks
      1. Adversal.com
        Apologies that I did not see this post sooner, but the good news is that your application was already reviewed. Please let me know should you have any questions.
        Jul 28, 2013
    11. mking
      my email address misteranss@gmail.com check my appli as soon as possible
      1. Adversal.com
        Your application will be reviewed shortly and you'll be notified through email.
        Jul 16, 2013
    12. Kiran 44
      Kiran 44
      Hello, my email is kiransripada22@yahoo.in . Please check my application
      1. Adversal.com
        Not seeing an application under that address. Let me know if there's another one I can look under. Otherwise, your app should be looked at within a couple of days.
        Jul 14, 2013
    13. assam
      Hello, my user id is pranjal. Pls have a look at my account if better ecpm rate is possible.
    14. javed628
      yes, i got mail abt why it got rejected. sir can i repaly for my another site? and whats adversal requirment for approvel. i mean abt site age,traffic and copyright. is it possible to approved for mobile movie download site?
      1. Adversal.com
        Your site needs to meet the requirements in the 'PUBLISHER SITE ELIGIBILITY' section here: https://www.adversal.com/pub_terms.html
        We're not able to accepts sites that host or link to copyrighted/pirated content.
        May 7, 2013
    15. javed628
      Thanks for reply sir, i have just submitted again, my email id is javedchhokker628@gmail.com please take a look
      1. Adversal.com
        I'm afraid that your site currently does not meet our guidelines. You should be receiving an email shortly with clarification.
        May 6, 2013
    16. javed628
      i have applied for adversal publisher account on 11/29/11 but havent recieved any confirmation mail. please check it. my mail id is javedchhokker628@gmail.com
      1. Adversal.com
        If you don't have a login, then your account wasn't approved and apps that old expire out of our system. Please try submitting another.
        May 5, 2013
    17. searchbar
      Hello, my email is support@neq3.com, please check my application.
    18. slayer303
      Hi, I just submited an application in your website my email is atef.sridi@gmail.com hope being aproved fast ;) username = slayer303
    19. psychotic_eyes
      Hi, i signed up with e-mail: onder84@hotmail.com for my web site www.vizyonfilmizle.org can you accept and send me pm please?
      1. Adversal.com
        Sent you a PM regarding your application.
        Feb 18, 2013
      2. techreviews
        plz approve me : m.yasir@msn.com
        Aug 6, 2016
    20. jebinct2008
      I have no other sites or anything.just only a single blog http://redbroz.blogspot.com/ ,Kyle Smith please help me.At the first time of my request my email went wrong given it as jebincthaliyan@gmail.com and tht email doesnot exist.My original email is jebinchristopherthaliyan@gmail.com .And i have requested from this email 10 days ago.please accept it as soon as possible.
      Waiting for your positive reply..jebin
      1. Adversal.com
        I just sent you an email regarding your app. I would encourage you to make the necessary changes if possible, and then we can proceed further.
        Jan 31, 2013
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