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    y u no do it?

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Jul 31, 2017
Dec 29, 2009
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Jul 31, 2017
    1. RajSingla
      What are you upto?
      You asked me to write, I said I can't due to some reason and now why are you writing o my visitors message for no use. You don't pay and then you expect everybody to work for you.

      What a Sham it is?
      You did not pay me and started mailing me that you paid me and I should pay back. If you have really paid me then go to the the paypal and ask for refund. You know you can't do that because you have not paid me.
      Enough is enough, now stop all these things.
    2. Article Provider
      Article Provider

      Do you really want that 10 articles.
    3. aksports2003
      i told you i would pick up the fees...you are a liar.
      the "who is" info didn't match up each punk
    4. EvanP
      I'm no fake mate.

      There were two reasons. One was to avoid the fees, the second was to stop you from scamming me by possibly scamming me by saying you received nothing and charging back on PayPal. Anyway, if you like we can work something out where you pay me say $30, then i transfer the domain, then you pay me another $70 and i transfer the vB license. ;)

      If you want to do it that way, please drop another PM. :)
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