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Aug 3, 2020
Jun 19, 2009
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Aug 3, 2020
    1. lie2me
      Instagram Followers
      1000 Followers - $2
      2000 Followers - $4
      Upto 30000 followers per account

      Instagram Likes
      1000 likes $1
      2000 likes $2
      Upto 20000 likes per post

      these are my prices. add my skype - yohanan.dsouza7
      1. ReachEffect
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        Mar 22, 2017
    2. azulita
      Hi Dud,
      I`m Almendra from www.creativewa.com What kind of wordpress site would you like? You can check our portfolio. For more information you can contact me at support@creativewa.com
    3. Chipzzz
      Hi Dud,
      I can build that for you in Drupal in less than a week for $175. As you are probably aware, Drupal affords you significant flexibility in development and design so that once coded, picking a final template and customizing the graphics is a trivial task. Additionally, Drupal is a mature, stable product that is easily expandable and has excellent support and an enormous user base. I have a site at http://www.SupremeDesigns.info (not surprisingly, a Drupal site) with a few lesser work-in-progress projects that you can peruse if you are interested. www.LappyTrack.com and www.StudentLoungeOnline.com are also Drupal sites of mine.
      Please PM me if you are interested.
      Thank you,
    4. tajimd
      Can you please reply my emails ??
    5. richardsinla
      Hello Dud
      thanks for choosing me for your project
      here is my design portfolio
      my partner can do any type of coding including php,mysql,javascript,
      we can build and configure with existing website as per your requirement.
      let me know the exact details of the project,
      i require 50% at start rest at completion, lead time for most projects is less than 10 days depending on complexity.
    6. richardsinla
      i can do this design and coding for you for $150.00
      let me know if interested i can start right away,im a graphic designer,my partner is coder we both can get this done for you
      thanks and looking forward in receiving your response
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