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Apr 24, 2018
Dec 18, 2006
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DotWriter.com - Buy and Sell Articles Market Jan 23, 2015

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Apr 24, 2018
    1. goscript
      DotWriter.com - Buy and Sell Articles Market
    2. rehmes
      hi can you explain to me more about your traffic is it targeted cause i got some cpa offers need to promoting
    3. egaluppo
      I would like to learn more about your traffic. How targeted can I get? I need to get pretty specific with my targeting.

      For example can I target people looking for work in the Los Angeles area? Can I target people who are disabled are stuck at home to to illness and need in home health aide?
    4. leonid5000
      I wuld like to buy some traffic please contact me
    5. rexa5512
      hy i interest with your Movie Automator are you stay to sell that..?
      are that in develover license ?

      if that develover license i will buy it
    6. ebizdude
      i m using ur plugin for long time. its very good. just one question.
      suppose in some place in the code i want the name to be as it is eg. in the code i want the name "Robert Anthony" to come. how do i do that? with ur plugin it breaks the name and puts in some chartacter in the name
    7. AsadMoeen
      Hey. I've been using Uniquifier but now I have this problem due to which I removed this script at the same time and shifted it to my Test Blog for showing .


      You can see this link and jingled up characters like ( (!^@$(*^!@$## ) . Although from the home page it appears fine and all the words are fine. Also, when I disable the script, characters are fine.

      This only happens with some of the posts while rest are fine. Maybe there is a problem with character set or something. How to fix this ? Please reply and fix this issue.
    8. ivanthg
      I was purchase for your movies automator script.. I put in my hosting, but when i try for make a post (IMDB link), i doesnt get any detail about movies and poster where came from IMDB.. I just get title of post on IMDB.. Can you help me why this happend??

      Here my sites :hxxp://getinstantcoupons.info/

      please help me.. :-)
    9. Gombelt
      Hi GoScript
      Can you modified uniquefier for drupal modules?
    10. dremy154

      I bought your rewriter plugiin, Uniquefier, and it is not rewriting my post.

      Here's the thing though, I am using another plugin to mass upload the posts (articles) in zip format with ZipPoster plugin, I am not actually writing the posts.

      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      The paypal email I paid with is asconixmarketing@gmail.com

    11. KrAzZyBoy
      hell goscript

      i want to buy WordPress Uniquefier Plugin v3.3 plugin...can u give discount is this?
      + i want automatic Automatic updating blog plugin(i have read one of ur post in dp)
      can u give its in cheap

    12. goscript
      maybe it's because of your blog permalinks settings? try changing the permalinks and see if it's working.
    13. lithium305
      I have uploaded the folder movie automator to the root folder, but for some reason i Cannot access it.
      I have also changed the settings to 777 as mentioned. Could you help me

    14. AaRGeE
      Thanks buddy :)
    15. shashipinto
      I'm using your WordPress Uniquefier Plugin. I want to thank you for this good plugin
    16. wptheme
      Emm.. There are a lot of WP plugins for forms?Oh, and happy B. Just knew that. lol..
    17. AaRGeE
      indeed .. I searched a lot and could not find something and had to use phpformgenerator .. cause as a SEO I always need a form than can be filled by buyers :D Please let me know whenever you done :D :D
    18. AaRGeE
      Like all forms site do .. like pass the form details to a email
    19. AaRGeE
      Oh Www!!! Can you make something like a FORM making Plugin in Wordpress Post :D
    20. goscript
      Yes AaRGeE I am always working on something new :D and this time actually I am working on something really really big which I am sure you'll love it :)
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