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Hardik Manktala
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Dec 18, 2017
Oct 10, 2014
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Hardik Manktala

Active Member, Male

Here's my new portfolio: http://hardikmanktala.com/ Jan 2, 2017

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Dec 18, 2017
    1. Hardik Manktala
    2. Hardik Manktala
    3. Hardik Manktala
      Hardik Manktala
      Berekt - Web Designing, Graphic Designing and Game development services - http://berekt.com
    4. Hardik Manktala
    5. Hardik Manktala
      Hardik Manktala
      Thinking of coding myself a portfolio with PHP. Really want to learn that language so I guess it'll be a good start. :D
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    6. Hardik Manktala
      Hardik Manktala
      A graphic designer, a quick responder, my name is Hardik, nice to meet you.
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  • About

    Web Development & Designing, Graphic Designing, VFX, 3D Animation
    My name is Hardik Manktala. I am a Designer. I've a passion for simple and minimalistic interfaces. Skeumorphism doesn't please me much. I like coding too.

    Having a great interest in science and reasoning, I always look forward to the cause of a particular thing happening around me. Well, it becomes essential when you've a lot of people around you who are always trying to force their beliefs and customs over you, and you need something to face them off - knowledge and logic.

    According to me, I've a good command in English. I am able to converse with English people all around the with no problems at all.

    I have been driving within the designing fields for a few years now. However, like 2-3 years back, I was much more fascinated by motion graphics, special effects or VFX. I used to grab my camera, which was pretty old with bad quality, and go around capturing random videos, then coming back to my PC and edit them to max. I have no idea where that interest went. But then I was held by 3D/2D Animations, and the hold loosened gradually. But then, I bought Photoshop. That completely changed my life :)D). I then combined Photoshop with my video editing skills and boom! I used to use Photoshop for designing but now I use Illustrator which is more concentrated on designing ideologies.


    A web designer, a 3D artist, a graphic designer - let's talk!
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