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Infolinks Support Team
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Dec 30, 2014
Oct 23, 2008
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Infolinks Support Team

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Dec 30, 2014
    1. Yasir Raza
      Yasir Raza
      I have got your e-mail today that you have suspended my account without any fraudulent activity you should not suspend my account
      I have search for my problem and found forums talking about scams of infolinks as they say that you have a practice to suspend the account who increase their earning above $ 100 is that true? As recently earn $100 I request you to please help me in that issue
    2. mercom1
      i try to advertise with you i fill the advertiser form in your website and never reply or say something whats happen???????
    3. mudaber
      I am facing problem with my infolinks payment. My payment had been issued on September 14, 2014 but unfortunately there western union MTCN has still not been updated. Even I have been contacted to infolinks support team many times but they did not give me any response. Today date is 26-09-2014 and according to the terms of infolinks they issue mtcn number within 5 to 10 days. Please help me regard of this problem
    4. Ghulam abbas
      Ghulam abbas
      Ghulam abbas Hi Sir, Can I change my payee name by mistake My name on infolinks is abbas and my actual name is Ghulam abbas I have to change it. please you can help me thanks
    5. DoC.AnU
      i want to join infolinks as advertiser, i applied 2- 3 time but didnt get any responce, what should i do?
    6. iftieaq
      Hello, I have a question. My infolinks name and paypal name are not same. Is there any problem ?
    7. javed628
      i have applied for infolinks for my mp3 download site but they rejected because of direct download link. my site is new,its jusr 20-25 day old and i m getting 3-4k daily pageviews and i will also publish post without download link. can u plz help me to approve my site? and one another thing,there r many site who have infolink along with ddirect download link. so plz help me
    8. remshad
      my name is remshad medappil
      PID (identifying number) is 100871
    9. remshad
      My last months payment is reversed by paypal to you ... (since am from india , Indian users cant receive above 500$ for single payment via paypal)
      am seeing Payment issued on October 2, 2011 in my publisher account ...(and in paypal account this payment reversed to infolinks)
      What can i do ?
      will i get that money (credit back) into my publisher account?
      do you have any option to split payment below 500$ (like 400$+343.36$)?
      how may days take to issue money vai Bank Wire/ACH ?

      see my issue post in DP http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=2299627#post16845881
    10. Infolinks Support Team
      Infolinks Support Team
      Hi Pradeep,

      Thank you for sharing this with me. I am opening your case now and passing it to our support team leader. Please give us time to respond to this and look into it.

      Thank you,

    11. aaronsmith2011
      Thanks for reply me sir.....Actually my name is Pradeep.I am from India...

      Name: Pradeep

      E-mail address: pradeepkumar877@gmail.com
      Infolinks account PID (identifying number) is 14399

      At this time i remove infolinks ads from my website.. Please tell me why you don't send my payment..
      my complaint added on Digital forum also... check it out - http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=2216486

      Please reply me soon as soon possible.
    12. onetrickaday
      This is terrible , i have around 160$ in my account For Iphone4jailbreak.org . Please make sure , payments are done one time ... thanks
    13. Infolinks Support Team
      Infolinks Support Team
      Hi Khaxan, I'm both surprised and sorry to hear this. I'll make sure to follow up on this and get you an answer.
    14. khaxan

      I am an Infolinks user. I have already tried contacting via support@infolinks.com but guys at infolinks are not replying. I have waited for almost a week. Here's the problem

      Name: Hassan Akhtar
      URL: http://www.articlebuster.com

      In my Infolinks payment history it has been mentioned that payment is being held due to missing payment details. If it is about the tax information then then

      "I hereby declare that I do not have any income effectively connected to the USA"

      Please update my tax information and send me my payment as soon as possible.

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