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Oct 2, 2008
Jul 9, 2006
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Bay Area, California, USA
Google Engineer
    1. Matty1234
      Dear Matt, I appreciate the hard work that you've done. Your videos are a boon on the industry. And your cats are cute, too. We've been trying to recover from a penalty, algorithmic and previously manual. We'd really like some direction. Anything. We made tremendous efforts creating better experiences for our customers and our community. Please help us give customers the experience deserved.
      1. ricarlo89
        Therefore, https://royalessays.co.uk/ took care of being fully ready and informed about what demands are set for you to get a high assessment and be able to arrange your text properly to put all the necessary info regarding the examined topic.
        Oct 19, 2021
    2. Ethnetia
      Hello Matt, it is really great to find your post. I am very ardent followers of your writings. I just want you to thank for sharing such great writings.
    3. DomainerHelper
      Hello, I watch all of of your videos and have a comment. I do agree with all Google is doing with blocking spam, however I think Google needs to give priority to quality blogs when submitted. I took the time to start writing unique free articles on my blog however Google is always slow to get a site going. Perhaps if Google listed faster for new sites, then good clean content might be more abundant.
    4. Cesar Bielich
      Cesar Bielich
      Hey Matt, first of all http://www.theshortcutts.com/ is aweome! I was hit with penguin 1.0 back in April or March of 2012. I feel off the board for some of my top keywords. Since then I have spent money for consultants as well as so much time trying to figure out what I did wrong. I never participated in BH SEO and I am pretty much throwing my hands up in the air. I would love to have a quick diag with you sir :)
    5. GRJ0323
      Matt, I have a question regarding an issue I have not been able to get assistance with. Is there any way I can PM you or email you? Thanks in advance for any help.
    6. Macavi
      I would like to know if having two backlinks from same page to 2 urls gives each link its PR juice and doesn't ignore second backlink?

      Example would be author's resource box in article. I place 2 backlinks, each pointing to different url. Does Google give PR juice to both links? Does it divide PR juice between 2? Or does it give PR juice only to 1st and ignores 2nd?
    7. valuedinsights
      I had a page rank of "4" about 6 months ago. I lost my page rank shortly after wards due to a paid link on my blog. I now have a no-follow link on the sponsored link which is on the right sidebar. When I filed for reconsideration at Google a few months ago, I received no reply.

      Can you look at my blog and tell me what I still need to change? I am willing to pay you for this service.


      Scott Barker
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    Bay Area, California, USA
    Google Engineer
    I like search engines.
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