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May 19, 2011
May 17, 2009
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May 19, 2011
    1. CarlZombie
      Hello Mikec. Please, let me know when you can send the last payment. 10 days waiting and 2 PM sent! Thanks.
    2. bilin
      I can post a view of your site on my blogger with pagerank 4. url is fsnetcop.net
      price is $10
    3. newbie191
      I did recieve a zip file from you but I think it contains the forum installation files. Also send me the administrator password.
    4. newbie191
      I will also need the sql database.
      I will appreciate if you could create a user for me in cpanel/ftp I will transfer everything myself.
    5. Sir Rusty
      Sir Rusty
      r u there? I think i know how to transfer your site. And its so simple.

      *Install a fresh new vB on your server
      *Install IMPEX
      *Import DB

      And TUH-DAH!

      Can I do it?
    6. Sir Rusty
      Sir Rusty
      DUDE I know ur online.. Reply please to my PM atleast with an update or something.
      I need the money bro... Send payment ASAP. =/
    7. Sir Rusty
      Sir Rusty
      When are you going to send the payment bro... You take so long to send a payment... =/
    8. Sir Rusty
      Sir Rusty
      Dude, wheres my money? =/! It's Saturday.

      You could keep the HostGator Acc.
    9. Sir Rusty
      Sir Rusty
      Do you want the Hostgator Account...
      It's already set up on there. So, only thing have to give u is the username and password to it.
      And BAM! Deal done and its already set up on that hosting account.

      And Its FREE the hosting account. And it saves US plenty of time, bro.

      Want it? Just a suggestion.
    10. Sir Rusty
      Sir Rusty
      If u think ur just gonna take the domain name and Run away with it! well u got another thing coming >:o it's been 24 hours...
    11. Sir Rusty
      Sir Rusty
      Where r u! This is getting scary :(
    12. Sir Rusty
      Sir Rusty
      Please, come online... =/!
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