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Nov 12, 2023
Sep 25, 2009
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Nov 12, 2023
    1. URPad
      I am very pleased with the logo that was designed for the contest that I held. I am looking forward to doing more business with you in the near future.
    2. livelife
      I really like your logo. It is at the moment the best one. I prefer version 2 (the man is in black with cute red binoculars :-)).
      I love how you made the .com vertically. I love the font. All looks great.
      Just one small change. Can you make the apple just a bit bigger so the bottom of the apple
      is exactly alined with the bottom of the slogan text: step by step...
      Also make sure that the slogan text starts exactly under the big L (in the word Lean)

      Also what about logo for my other website??? I need two different logos for two websites.
      Can you make something equaly nice? The other logo will also be on some very light colored
      background (not a dark blue as it is now, see www.widewebventures.com).
      Do make the .com verticaly as well. Please read instruction in my initial post.
      Would love to have the website address for this logo with glossy web 2.0 look.
      Thx. PM if have any questions.
    3. tmikuckis
      Dear nidhi1100,

      You are the winner of my header contest!
      I really like the updated version of the header. However, I was wondering if you could possibly make one more minor change:

      try putting all the text centered under LoserUnion>

      Loser Union
      Share your weight loss advice. Change Lives.

      If you can do this, and send me all three versions of the header, I will gladly compensate you a little extra with $25 instead of $21 for your extra time.

      You can send the headers to mikuckis@bc.edu . Also send me the Adsense account that you want the money sent to. After I get the headers, I will send you the payment

      Great doing business,
    4. tmikuckis

      I really like the header design you left on my post here: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1971846 . Its the best one i've received. If you can just make a few changes you will likely be the winner of the $21.

      1. I like the little figure in the middle (perhaps you could try adding a group of similar figures behind or around him, for the theme of loser "union", maybe in a dif/ color or fading out or something, up to you)

      2. you included the text: "share your weight loss advice", but maybe you could try to incorporate the "change lives" part somehow...

      If you make these changes, and i like them, i will likely just end the contest early and make you the winner.

      Thank you very much,
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