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Aug 28, 2014
Jan 25, 2011
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United States
Head of Community at Payoneer


Active Member, from United States

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Aug 28, 2014
    1. Methebest
    2. dbland3
      Hello Nassim. I am helping a friend get her issue resolved. She is in the Philippines and never received her card. We have sent numerous customer support tickets but auto-replies and no action.
      The reference number in your system from her approval letter is 4659076. and the last customer support ticket number she received was LTK1216103219245X. PLEASE have someone contact her on this. Thanks.
    3. onemoreravi
      Is it possible to get a payoneer for an LLC? Payoneer does not work for India. Hence, I am wondering if it is possible.
    4. Isa Al
      Isa Al
      Hello Nassim

      Please I have the case number LTK1216102895271X and for my application reference number 6604017 and idk why my app got declined. yesterday was my bday and I was waiting to apply when I am 18 maybe that's why when they were reviewing my app they thought it's fake age but I am ready to provide you with a copy of my ID if needed

      Waiting ur reply. Thanks!
    5. DarkMatrix
      1.Can i sell product using payoneer? like paypal buy now button
      2. How can i receive payment on my VVC ? like someone want to send me $$ so how to accept that like by email OR card number OR by username
    6. Eileen Mak
      Eileen Mak
      Hello Nissim, I am from Singapore. I have recently applied for a payoneer debit card via fiverr to withdraw my earning. I would like to know if you can speed up my approval process. I have made a help ticket #LTK1216102191028X with my driver license attached and it showed my National ID clearly stated. My reference number is 4942770. I hope you can help me. Thanks.
    7. freak12345
      Hi Can U Help me for verifying my approval status for payoneer..

      i had signed up using the country bahrain because thats where i reside currently ,but i am from india.

      so while filling the secure details i filled indias passport but payoneer told me to give them a proof of residence in bahrain..

      how should i sent payoneer this proof as i cant edit the details in my account?

      BTW The Proof is My Electronic Visa.
    8. Sebastian Ng
      Sebastian Ng
      My email address is hallmediaprod@hotmail.com
    9. humairkhaliq
      please dont go payoneer they block account with out any reason
    10. kelly4900
      I have applied for a payoneer prepaid debit master card for several days now,
      but nor reply from them for more than two weeks. i don't know if there is any way you can help me.
      My details are email aghed_49@outlook.com reference LTK12153011359199X
      i will be very grateful if you can help me out.
      thanks, i awaits your reply.
    11. khal1l
      HI Nassim,
      I am from Algeria, i created a Payoneer account paste January 11th ,2014, but first, i did not receive any confirmation after uploading a copy of my driving license, is it normal; second, i lost my password, and the system did not accept my birth date entry, please what can i do to login?
      I can provide in private my reference number.
      Best regards,
    12. scriptino
      Hi Nissim, so that you were very helpful to payoneer members,
      The load option have been disabled for my account, can you do something to activate it please?
      I have a regular customer and this is the best way to be paid...
    13. DianaDew
      Hello sorry to bring you disturb. I would like to transfer my paypal payments to my Payoneer Card. I submitted everything that was requested but still haven't heard back from support. Is it normal? thank you!
    14. thanchetkenjin
      5. I just want to get usd (do not want to receive my local currency), so if you send money to my local bank, is it automatically converted to the currency of my country?

    15. thanchetkenjin
      3. The difference between local and swift transfer bank transfer? Whether wire transfer is another name of swift transfer?
      4. According to my understanding, all of my online income will send my Payoneer account, but if I do not use the Payoneer Prepaid card (to avoid unnecessary fees), whether the money can be deposited into my Payoneer account?
    16. thanchetkenjin
      2. I found my country here: http://www.payoneer.com/localBankTransfer-Avail.aspx. But I do not understand how to register the service? Should I contact my bank to sign up for this service? Or my bank must be Payoneer’s payment partner so that I can use this service? I find the registration page of Payoneer but can’t find local bank transfer services registration, only services that register a Payoneer prepaid card?
    17. thanchetkenjin
      1. I signed up for a Payoneer Prepaid card and the card was announced to arrive between April 29 and May 6, but I still have not received the card. So, can I cancel the card and only using local bank transfer service? And if it can be canceled, will the fee for using the card be canceled?
    18. thanchetkenjin
      Hi Nisim,
      I sent mail to contact team yesterday but now i'm not receiving reply. So, i post here :D
      I’m from VietNam,

      I want to register Local bank transfer services, but I have many questions that I can’t find from FAQ: http://www.payoneer.com/FAQ.aspx#LBT.
    19. Methebest
    20. kdsshare
      I have a Payoneer card and it's been with me for a while. BUt now I forgot all the details of it, I didn't do any transfers with it so can you please help me with it ?
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    Head of Community at Payoneer
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