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May 18, 2015
Apr 19, 2008
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San Francisco, CA


Well-Known Member, from San Francisco, CA

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May 18, 2015
    1. Josh San
      Josh San
      i'm new guy in digitalpoint, i'm muslim, and i just see ur name, and i know we are brother, even if we never meet, cause i'm indonesian n ur american.

      i just would like t say, Assalamu'alaikum..... guide me in this forum please, mr bamation (nick of obamanation)
    2. Blue Star Ent.
      Blue Star Ent.
      Your dream has been realized. Congratulations. LINK
    3. makemoneyfromgoogle
      I wish you more success in your field brother
    4. Rebecca
      Hi Obamanation, hope you're doing well...:)
    5. Rebecca
      Hope you have a great day! :)
    6. clbyodo
      Is this Zakir Naik? :D
    7. Blue Star Ent.
      Blue Star Ent.
      Hey ... who is the new guy in your avatar ??
    8. Rebecca
      Hi Obamanation!!!! :)
    9. earlpearl
      Honestly I think its a good group. Don't think I should join. A) I have little time for this place. Very Busy. B) After spending time in dp P&R I later was a mod at a different forum. I set the rule for no politics. I did it after the DP experience. It worked. Kept us out of battles and those of us who are still friendly are of very different political perspectives.

      I think I'd be battling with you dudes from the right. Good luck w/ the group.

      who knows maybe I'll rethink this later.

      Actually Israel...what a great country. It has a lot of the flavor of the US w/ regard to freedoms. Its also got a small but killer economy. It also has very wild left versus right perspectives. I bet chaostrivia could write about that.

      Lastly it has the amazing example of leftist/real socialistic experiences in farming areas called the kibbutzeem. I think they are dying out now but I suspect some still are thriving. Again I bet chaostrivia could fill you in.
    10. Obamanation
      Hey Earlpearl,

      The more the merrier! You'll be in good company. George B. has already signed up and you know he has no love for my philosophy on life. I figured with all the open Israel bashing around here, somebody needed to show them some love. I'm wondering how long until the "I Love Islam" group generates enough complaints with "Hate Speech" in the subject line to get the mods to shut down the forum. You know they are already going down that path. The visitor count to my page has skyrocketed.
    11. earlpearl
      Obamanation (or my fave, Abomination). sheeeeeeit..... Did you start the I love Israel group? Ha....imagine me being in a group w/ you , Will, Mia, etc. I have a hard time digesting that.

      Now I do support and admire Israel. You guys should take what you learn internally and use it externally. Of course chaostrivia obviously has an inside perspective that should be educational.

      btw: if I can find the person...some guy gave me green rep during the time I was harranguing New and the other terrorist lovers on a daily basis. If I can find him I'll refer him to this group.

      I'm too busy to attack you conservatives these days...tho I stop by to read the stuff (crap) ;)
    12. Rebecca
      Hi Obamanation
    13. Toopac
      I love you, god bless! lol
    14. Rebecca
      What's going on Obamanation?:)
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