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May 18, 2020
Nov 4, 2004
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New England


@biogen is going to be the death of us all. https://t.co/vM5AiQnvSB
Mar 19, 2020
@BetoORourke The Kent State Massacre is exactly the reason that the Second Amendment is what time is. The governme… https://t.co/V8vbodafrd
Sep 28, 2019
162,340 miles on mine, and still going strong. Nothing compares https://t.co/5fzRzdQqfF
Jul 18, 2019
Hey @AudiOfficial, blocking Superchargers isn't the best way to convince Tesla owners to give the e-tron a try. Un… https://t.co/tBelwv6svo
Jul 18, 2019
RT @elonmusk: Changing Tesla horn sound to 🐐
May 2, 2019


Notable Member, from New England

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May 18, 2020
    1. ParichayMehta
      Hey, I have a website which is based on funny pictures. It's there since almost 3.5 years. Social media presence is good & the traffic is anywhere between 500,000-750,000 visits a month. Can you tell me what should be the asking price of such a website? Domain is almost 3.5 years old, Facebook (450k+ likes) Twitter (~1500 followers) YouTube (500 subscribers & over 250,000 views).

      Let me know. Thank you.
      1. petertdavis
        PM me the details (url and ask price), I hardly ever check profile posts.
        May 5, 2014
    2. 102drive
      add me on skype, my username is hdf711
    3. AbundantlyFun
      1. DomainMagnate likes this.
      2. petertdavis
        I haven't owned that site for at least five years, and I don't sell links.
        Apr 10, 2014
    4. jorge1482
      who does your seo
    5. aldrik
      Thanks for the like, let me know if you need anything. I will be glad to help.
    6. UnderWaterPc
      Peter how are you hope all is well my friend, I have sent you a pm with 7to 8 sites plus domains I am selling as a package let me know if they interest you thank you
    7. UnderWaterPc
      Peter how are you hope all is well my friend, I have sent you a pm with 7to 8 sites plus domains I am selling as a package let me know if they interest you thank you
    8. UnderWaterPc
      Hey peter I have sent you a pm please check and contact me about your matter thank you
    9. domaintalk
      Peter, can you please let me know whether I should continue posting or not? Also the paypal request I have sent yesterday, can you please let me know if the bill is fine and correct as well as the status and if your happy with the threads created on the forums? Thanks
    10. domaintalk
      Peter your ezine article has been approved. Please check your pm. Thanks
    11. domaintalk
      Peter whats the status? Your not replying to my messages and I have already done the article for you and submitted it to Ezine. Also done forum postings. Please update me?
    12. pachel
      Hello you got any kind of IM at which I can contact you?
      Plz pm me the details.
    13. petertdavis
      I am interested Rusty, I'm not sure I'll have time for a chat session this week though. I'm in the process of buying two decent size forums this week. That, plus I just took on a new client that will be taking up the bulk of my time in the foreseeable future. I will need to negotiate you on the price, considering the vbSEO isn't included. Plus, I need you to clarify the situation with the vBulletin license. You may want to keep your sale thread open a few more days to see if someone will make an offer at your ask price.
    14. Sir Rusty
      Sir Rusty
      Hello, let's discuss buying ToonTownFansite.com over MSN. :)!

      MSN: thetoonstop@live.com
    15. petertdavis
      Yes I am interested.
    16. Teh One
      Teh One
      So, are you interested?
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    Peter Davis - I buy forums - pm me
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