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Dec 2, 2009
Jun 8, 2006
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Dec 2, 2009
    1. writerfromhome
      I have a variety of articles on medical illnesses and conditions that were never purchased. You would own ALL RIGHTS.

      Anorexia 3,124 words
      Anxiety 3,083 words
      Cholesterol 6,602 words
      Colon Health 2,537 words
      Congestive Heart Failure 3,087 words
      Contraception 3,008 words
      Dehydration Treatment 5,915 words
      Depression 3,709 words
      Gonorrhea 2,929 words
      Gout 4,724 words
      Hair Loss 3,105 words
      Heat Exhaustion 3,083 words
      Hormone Replacement 6,085 words
      Hot Flashes 3,069 words
      Hyperglycemia 3,097 words
      Hysterectomy 5,644 words
      Infertility 3,166 words
      Lyme Disease 3,089 words
      Meningitis 3,066 words
      A Guide to menstruation: Irregularities & Other Issues 6,429 words
      Mononucleosis 3,036 words
      Morning Sickness 3,980 words
      Obsessive-compulsive Disorder 3,135 words
      Ovarian Cysts 3,149 words
      Panic Attacks 3,111 words
      Pregnancy 3,834 words
      Premenstrual Syndrome 3,022 words
      Schizophrenia 3,264 words

      Please let me know if you're interested.
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