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Oct 9, 2014
Aug 19, 2009
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Oct 9, 2014
    1. bettybakebake
      I am putting up a web site 2cute.biz where i will be selling puppies, puppy clothes-selling for a hundfred bucks or so. Really blinged out. No wp cause of the loading issues. unless you tell me it will work.. I just dont know. CAn you suggest anyone? Have you ever used site spinner pro? Anyway my absolute best wishes to you and yours.
    2. bettybakebake
      I have thought of you often over these last couple years, wondering if you had become happy and content. Were you able to quit working and focus on this IM stuff. My health was finally correctly diagnosed so I am feeling fantastic and expect to be here for my grandkids someday. My daughter is now 19 living on her own and working at an upscale clothing shop. I was so happy to see you still here.
    3. bettybakebake
      Hello there Mr. Giant!! Long time no see. I did not expect to still be alive. But here I am. I opened a brick and mortar store selling antiques and collectibles. I also raise chihuahua and started selling teacup clothes and leashes. They sell as well as my jewelry. So I only have one domain named 2cute.biz and I don't want to do a wordpress cause it will have lots of images and load time is very important.
    4. ajaykumar9887
      i found no traffic for your website and search engine rankings.

      so i give you $14.

      if you are interested , then reply me
    5. bettybakebake
      Hello Mr. Giant,
      If I buy the rest of these and the two others i bought and have not paid for yet, sorry i forgot till i got here tonight. No quibbling on price how many will you put on my hostgator account for me. and then we have to work on me getting the other sites up and running on hostgator. I do have the list of what i bought again, found it this weekend.

      so what say you?

      michele it comes to 65 here and 30? there?
    6. sitegiant
      these visitor messages dont give me emails. Paypal is sales@sitegiant.com
    7. getmo
      I need to know how to send payment via paypal
    8. getmo
      Ok, thank You
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