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Apr 15, 2013
Jun 30, 2009
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Apr 15, 2013
    1. vidhi543
      Hi there,

      You gave me one article on pet as trial order - i am ready with your post. Can you please give me your mail id so that i can send it across?

    2. gjivan
      Hey wanksta22, Your post relating to Micro niche sites are perfect. Thanks for the post initially. After reading each and every pages of this thread, i also learned a lot.Now i am gonna practice what i have learned.As this is related to keyword so i can't ask you in public. For one keyword "child psychology", i have done research. Its Global monthly search is 33,100, Local search is 14,800 Average CPC is 1.60$. Now i did put this keyword in google and obtain top 10 urls. As i have seoquake installed in firefox, i can obtain inlinks and i have seen out of 10 sites, 5 got backlinks greater than 100 and rest have less so what should be my next step? Actually i have researched another two long tailed keyword where my main keyword is in and created a blog http://childspsychology.blogspot.com, Now as being expert in this field, what do u suggest? should i start creating backlinks and create pages for this blog? Please do reply me,
    3. BLuka
      I just have a question , can you add me on MSN - BLuka1@hotmail.com or skype.. check my profile for details, I have a1 question about your 3k per month ;) Amazing ebook!
    4. kooner001
      hey can u suggest some thing for me on todaysfast.com as it earnings are very low on it by adsense...
    5. umang26
      Hi, I read your thread where you have mentioned various steps to get a good payout.

      Can you have a look at my site and tell me what's wrong and how can it be improved?


    6. 99azdin
      hi wanksta22,
      i would like to become your student. please let me be :)
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