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May 26, 2016 at 3:04 PM
Jun 22, 2007
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Keene, NH


Illustrious Member, Male, from Keene, NH

Hard to work on eight projects at once when you're spending 4 hours a day seeing doctors. May 19, 2016

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May 26, 2016 at 3:04 PM
    1. deathshadow
      Hard to work on eight projects at once when you're spending 4 hours a day seeing doctors.
    2. briguy
    3. imbrod
      Hi, it's been a while since I've read your posts... I've visited your site and noticed it's responsive now. Excellent job! However, I see the "HTML 5 Canvas Demo" section. Does it mean that your repulsiveness towards HTML5 has changed? :)
    4. sarahk
    5. consul
      Hi! I just want to thank you for liking my post on html software. Take care.
    6. muchochiz
      Hi DS . Its been a while since I have heard from you . I sent you some pm's did you get them ? Please reply. Thanks in advance
    7. jg6075
      I really appreciate your posts calling out a lot of the insanity and needless over-complication that's trending in web development now. As a young professional developer (whatever that means), I'm slowly going crazy from all of the bandwagoning, cult-ish groupthink, and lack of insight that is sadly becoming way too common in this field. So, just saying thanks and keep it up!
    8. deathshadow
      Figures, I can write a JS library in two hours, while I'm a month deep in writing content for the website about it.
    9. pentaxial
      Hi, you are providing replies to most of posts, really happy and i like to reply instantly, just like to know , " is there any API or Application to check all post from the Android Mobile and to do reply ?. Expecting your reply, Thanks
      1. deathshadow
        My answer would be too big to send as a PM here (420 character limit? REALLY?!?) -- would you mind if we took this to a thread in general discussion? It's a good question and the answer might help people.
        May 5, 2014
    10. jackderips
      You constantly keep impressing with your detailed and accurate posts.
      Keep up the great work!
      1. Gomar likes this.
    11. misohoni
      Just wanted to say "Thanks" publically.
    12. FriendlyDesigner
      Sorry about the post
      1. deathshadow
        Sorry if my post seemed a bit harsh -- but when having a website for a development company you really should be dotting every t and crossing every i... wait, that's not right...

        I figured you didn't know about the problems and that somebody should at least try and tell you.
        Jan 2, 2014
    13. infinity0009
      Hey man,

      Hope you're doing good. I was advised by some good fellows on this site to go through your threads on site design, which i did and i have learned a lot. Would you be kind enough to go through my landing page www.edcoogle.com/ and give me some feedback on it. It's an educational site for 12-17 year olds.
    14. eritrea1
      Cool it down dude. Anger and tantrum is not a healthy life-style.
      1. deathshadow
        Bottling it up is even unhealthier. I have zero tolerance for the laissez-faire crap things out any old way status quo FTMFW attitude that seems to be SoP for most of the sleazeball scam artists who have taken over the industry... much less the people preying on the ignorance of nubes.

        God forbid anyone try to fight the predators and make things better.
        Oct 18, 2013
    15. Nettizen
    16. qalott
      i would also like to get your superior insight on my website design..
      can i add you on my skype?
      1. deathshadow
        I'm not on skype for chat -- but if you post your URL here I'm willing to take a look and write up a review for you.
        Oct 1, 2013
    17. angryencoder
      Hello my name is Anders Falk. I'm from Sweden, 20 years old. I search after someone who can give me hints and help me sometimes via skype when I have stuck. Would you like to help me?

      Please add me in skype if you want to. My name is angryencoder
    18. david_of_makurl
      I stumbled upon some threads you've posted on and was impressed by your expertise, as such I would like to ask for feedback on a site I'm working on http://www.makurl.com, it's a lot to ask but i want thorough analysis, of the concept and the site design, thank you for your time
    19. Gurbrinder
      Thanks for the hep in Show Page If database exits ..... i started learning php via w3schools so don't know that mysql_* are almost deprecated . Can you help me learning PDO i mean to say can you tell me any complete tutorial of PDO like w3scools for code php. Thanks a lot seems like you have a lot of experience in web field.
    20. blueparukia
      Maybe I've been on Linux too long or am just drunk, but IE10(? - whatever version ships with Win8) seems remarkably fast. And good.
      1. deathshadow
        It is... too bad the user interface is like a trip in the wayback machine to IE4 for Macintosh. IE9 was no slouch either.
        Apr 1, 2013
      2. deathshadow
        Actually, that's not fair... to IE4 mac, which was more functional and customizable than IE10 is so far as the UI is concerned... but then I'm an Opera user, there's several dozen things I've come to expect to be built into a browser that are nowhere to be found on anything else, even as extensions -- and even when there ARE extensions for what I want, they're damned near crippleware by comparison.
        Apr 1, 2013
      3. blueparukia
        Yea my computers in quarantine so I haven't installed 3rd party browsers yet. And Opera on Linux was useless so I've been using Chromium. Keen to get back to the big red O.

        I'm not minding the interface so far -prefer it to Chromium, but as its a temporary measure I'll end up missing speed dial and Ctrl+Z closed tabs among other things. The viewport on IE feels really...well, enormous and clear.
        Apr 1, 2013
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