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Marketplace Guidelines

Things Not To Do


"Warez" is not allowed (this includes pirated software, nulled software, etc. You may not sell serial numbers/keys without the software itself (even if it's a legitimate license).

Spam Related Products/Services

Don't try to sell spam related products or services. This includes automated posting services like forum posts or [blog, YouTube, etc.] comments. No social bookmarking, or exchanges are allowed (for example a "Like" exchange). You may not sell email lists here.


Selling of any types of accounts (or "invites"), currency exchanges/loans, etc. No selling of VCCs (virtual credit cards) or VCC related products are allowed.

Physical Goods

You may not sell physical goods. If you have to ship something, don't try and sell it.

Affiliate Offers

No signings, referrals or affiliate offers are allowed.

Duplicate Listings

Don't do it... ever. A sale that is "over" or "closed" does not mean you can create another listing. You can use the "Bump/Relist" option if you want to bump or relist something.

Things To Keep In Mind

Use Caution

The marketplace is a "use at your own risk" setup. We will not get involved in disputes between members.

ALWAYS use an escrow service (for example escrow.com). Remember you are buying things from random people on the Internet that you don't know (people on the Internet can pretend to be anything they want... in reality they might be a homeless scammer that lives under a bridge, jacking someone's open WiFi). Again... USE AN ESCROW SERVICE whenever possible for things that the seller has to deliver (domains, sites, custom work, etc.)

If you think something isn't covered here, it doesn't necessarily mean it's allowed (if you think it's something that we may not allow, ask before posting it).

If something sounds too good to be true, it is.

Article Marketplace

Writing Quality Score

Our system evaluates articles that are posted for sale and assigns a "Quality Score" to each article. While this is useful as a general guideline, the reality is that it's still a machine assigning the Quality Score. Please keep this in mind as the Quality Score is in no way some sort of guarantee about the quality of the writing (which is subjective after all). It's best to always look at the writer's marketplace history and feedback to see how other users have rating them.

The Quality Score is a rating from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest possible score.


Plagiarized articles or content are strictly forbidden from being sold. We have an automated system that checks for plagiarism and blocks plagiarized articles from being posted at all. Nothing is infallible though, and if you purchase an article that you later find was plagiarized, please report it and the writer will be dealt with accordingly.